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my name is tracey venture. i blush at everything. i have a site called Cooking For Coen.

♥ boyfriend, dogs, books, cooking, video games, strong women, internet.

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My N7 Hoodie; DIY version.

I really wanted the new women’s N7 Hoodie by Bioware, but did not want to fork over $74 + shipping.  So, instead I got a little bit crafty.  I used the N7 patch that came with the Collector’s Edition of Mass Effect 3, an AA hoodie I got as a gift from work, and some ribbon.

It’s a little ghetto in person, but I kind of like that.  I also have my stripe and patch on my left, instead of the right. It just seemed better that way. 

GPOY; FemShep everyday cosplay version.

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